What is APKN

The African Parliamentary Knowledge Network (APKN) is an initiative aimed at strengthening the capacity of African parliaments to perform their legislative and representative functions more effectively. APKN provides a platform for exchanging knowledge, experiences, and best practices among African parliamentary institutions and other stakeholders in the legislative and democratic development process.

The network seeks to promote parliamentary collaboration and innovation, improve the quality of legislation, enhance the effectiveness of oversight and representation, and support the development of democratic governance and human rights in Africa.

APKN is a joint initiative of the African parliamentary community, international organizations, and regional bodies. It operates through a variety of activities including training programs, peer-to-peer exchanges, research and analysis, and the dissemination of information and best practices.

The ultimate goal of APKN is to contribute to the strengthening of democratic governance and the development of strong and effective parliamentary institutions in Africa, which can effectively represent the needs and interests of their citizens.